Fine Art Printing

 Male Spruce Flowers

How many times have you worked meticulously on a prized photograph, drawing or painting, only to discover that your reproductions don’t look anything like the original? How many times have you wished you could have that special picture enlarged to gallery size, printed with long-lasting, fade-resistant, archival, pigment-based inks and printed on your choice of archival fine art papers?

The secret to accurate colour is effective and consistent colour management from input, all the way through to output. This means working with a calibrated display, scanner and printer, and knowing how to manage the built-in colour management in your computer and its applications.

I offer fine art printing services using the incomparable Epson Stylus Pro 3800 large-format printer, capable of producing highly accurate, fine art output to a maximum of 17″ X 22″.

These services will be customized specifically to your needs, ranging from coming to your home, calibrating your display and installing printer profiles so you can work on your own images before sending them to me for printing, to complete in-house service where you send or bring the images to me and we do all the work here.

A display should be re-calibrated every six to twelve months. Printing costs will vary considerably depending on the amount of work required and the size and type of paper.

I have decades of experience in photography, computer systems and the digital arts. Please contact me for any questions you may have, for a quotation or to book services.