Angry Sunset - Black Point Beach.pngBeached.pngBreakers - Black Point Beach.pngBreakers - Salmon River Beach.pngBreakwaters End - Meteghan.pngCape Forshu Light Station.pngDennis Point Wharf.pngDigby Wharf - Scallop Draggers.pngEntrance to Inner Harbour - Port Maitland.pngFish on the Menu.pngFundy Cliff.pngHerring Gull - Digby Wharf.pngIndian Sluice Bay.pngLighthouse - Belliveaus Cove.pngLighthouse - Cape Saint Mary.pngLone Spruce - Black Point.pngLonely Dock - Port Maitland.pngMeteghan River Shore.pngNever Ashore.pngOld Bones - After the Storm.pngOld Wharf - Salmon River.pngScallop Draggers - Digby Wharf.pngSurf - Mavillette Beach.png